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The PRIEST Institute


The CEO and Board of P.R.I.E.S.T. International Ministries are excited to announce the inaugural opening of The PRIEST Institute. The institute at this time, is an online school offering its first educational course. In the future, a hybrid model, having in person and online classes, will be implemented.  The PRIEST Institute is designed to support the local church in educating Believers in the foundational principles of the Word of God. The courses offered through this learning institute will assist in raising up God's sons and daughters who are called to teach truth and sound doctrine that produces godly living. 

This institution will provide teachings that will open understanding and wisdom pertaining to the spirit, soul, and body of the Believer. The courses and programs available will enhance the education and teaching career of the students. The goal and commitment of The PRIEST Institute is to transform the students' spiritual life and understanding of God's Word through exemplary teaching and wisdom.

If what is happening in the Body of Christ has left you confused and frustrated, this avenue will provide clarity. Frustration will leave through truth, wisdom and understanding the Word of God.


P.R.I.E.S.T. International Ministries will open The PRIEST Institute with its inaugural course on September 13, 2021. The PRIEST Institute will offer Course 101 -"Building the Foundation for New Life". This course will provide insight into the New Creation Man, and the Believer being a partaker of the Divine Nature, as it relates to God's written and spoken Word. In addition, such topics as God's prosperity, His goodness, and health and healing will be discussed.

This course provides three sessions to be held on Mondays, September 13th, 20th and 27th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm on Zoom. Additional information on the classes included in each session is provided below.

September 13th - This class will focus on the following topics:

  • Created in His Image: This study of the New Creation Image will bring the revelation of who we are in Christ, and what it means to be a new creation. It will bring freedom from feelings of guilt, condemnation, inadequacy, and inferiority. It will release us into an exciting, life-changing revelation of what it means to be one with Jesus Christ. We will discover what God intended us to be through His redemptive work.
  • Our Image of the Father: To understand our new creation image, we must have a revelation of who God the Father is. Since we were created in His image, we can never understand who we were created to be until we have a true image of the Father. In this lesson we are going to behold the glory of the Father. We are going to reject erroneous images we may have of the Father. We are going to allow the Holy Spirit, by the revelation of God's Word, to reveal a true image of our loving Heavenly Father. 
  • Our Image of the Son: To have a full revelation of who we are as new creations, we must have a revelation of the image of the Son of God. God predestined, determined, or ordained us to be conformed to the image of the Son of God. This lesson will address the conformity to the image of His Son and fulfilling our potential and living as new creations. We know Jesus is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit and every attribute they have He has.

September 20th - This class will focus on the following topics:

  • The New Creation Image: This area of study will give understanding of what it means to be in Christ, the righteousness of God, and being conformed to His image. 
  • Exchanging the Old Self-Image: As we study this lesson, we are going to come to places where we must make a decision. Will we believe the revelation of God's Word, or will we cling to traditional teachings that we have received over the years. We have studied about who we were created to be, our loving Heavenly Father, and the substitutionary redemptive work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Now it's time to make a conscious decision to move into all that God has for us.
  • Our Image In Christ: This study of Our Image in Christ reviles our new family, our inheritance, our position in Christ, and our citizenship.

September 27th - This class concludes with the following areas:

  • New Creation Rights: Our lesson on New Creation Rights will open our understanding of being children of Abraham, our covenant promises, blessings, and freedom.
  • New Creation Benefits: The revelation of the new creation and our righteousness in Jesus brings many benefits to the Believers in Jesus Christ. This study focuses on fellowship with God, prosperity, health and healing and the power of God.
  • Partaker of the Divine Nature: This lesson will highlight the nature of God. We will understand the process of becoming partakers, partaking of His holiness and love, His goodness, mercy, forgiveness, and becoming like Him.
  • God's Word and the New Creation: This final study will reveal the revelation of the new creation found in God's Word. His Word reveals Jesus and our position in Him. We will understand the transformation process of our souls and bodies, and the importance and power of God's Word. 


The PRIEST Institute seeks students who will embrace the opportunity to engage in this educational experience, increase their potential to carry the gospel, develop ministries, disciple new Believers and minister to the lost.  

Registration is required, and there is no registration fee; however, the cost for attending the September class is $75.00. To register, complete the information on the Registration page and use the "Class PayPal" link for your payment.  The Zoom information will be forwarded to you Thursday, September 10th.

To gain full insight of the course and to meet the course objectives, all students are encouraged to be present and on time for each course session. In the event there is an unforeseen circumstance (student job hours change, student hospitalization, death of an immediate family member or friend) that would hinder the student's participation, prior to the start of the course, the full payment will be applied to another course. Should this situation occur during the first session, $25.00 will be applied to an upcoming course.


                 The PRIEST Institute will offer additional classes and the details for each class will be provided prior to the opening of the sessions.

Information pertaining to new classes will be forth coming on various media platforms. 

The next class: The Power and Authority of the Believer

For Additional Information Contact:

Betty W. Temple, CEO

PRIEST International Ministries

PO Box 1633, Norfolk, VA 23501

(757) 467-1325 (Office)

(757) 581-1130 (cell)


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